The Chupacabra is Back! 300 Goats Dead

Dead goats are seen in this photo from The villagers claim the goats were slain by a chupacabra.

(Sept. 2) — Shepherds in Mexico are up in arms — or heads, as the case may be — over a rash of beheadings inflicted on their goats, and many people are blaming the legendary predator known as the chupacabra.

Over the past two months, more than 300 goats owned by shepherds in Mexico’s Puebla state have been decapitated by someone, or something, that hasn’t yet been tracked down.

According to various reports, Felix Martinez, president of Colonia San Martin, recently stated that nearly 40 goats were killed near his municipality. Strangely, there was reportedly very little evidence of blood in the area where the goat bodies were found — throwing suspicion on an unknown animal or chupacabra.

The chupacabra falls into the cryptozoological category of cryptids, a term used to describe animals that haven’t yet been confirmed by science, like the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot.

Chupacabra sightings often emanate from the Southwest U.S., Puerto Rico, Latin America and Mexico, and the animal is thought to attack livestock, leaving behind puncture wounds after it drains their blood.

AOL News reported in July that a bizarre-looking animal, allegedly a goat-blood-sucking chupacabra, was shot and killed by Texas Animal Control officer Frank Hackett.

“All I know is, it wasn’t normal. It was ugly, real ugly. I’m not going to tell no lie on that one,” Hackett told NBC DFW

From AOL News

One response to “The Chupacabra is Back! 300 Goats Dead

  1. Ha if I was a Texas Animal Control officer I would have shot that thing too. He should be rewarded. It would be really bad though if he shot a domesticated animal instead of the chupacabra; especially if it was a large dog or larger sized pet. I hope he took a good look at it before he pulled that trigger.

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