Drunk Dude Loses $1.35 Million Painting

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot's missing 1857-58 "Portrait of a Girl" is valued at $1.35 million. (Hammer Museum)

NEW YORK – A Manhattan man learned the hard way that if you’re going out on the town to get sloshed, you shouldn’t take a $1.35 million painting with you. James Haggerty is being sued for the loss by the painting’s co-owner, who says she hired him to help sell Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot’s 1857 Portrait of a Girl, only to have him to tell her he couldn’t remember where he left it after a night of heavy drinking, the New York Daily News reports.

Security cameras capture Haggerty leaving the painting at a hotel front desk while he has a brief meeting with a gallery owner and then lingers, drinking, in the hotel bar, according to the lawsuit. He staggers out with the painting after midnight, and arrives back at his Trump Towers apartment nearly two hours later without it. The next day, he told its owners “he could not recall its whereabouts, citing that he had too much to drink the previous evening,” the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit says a man entrusted with helping to sell a $1.3 million painting said he lost it in New York City while in a drunken haze.

The lawsuit states Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot’s “Portrait of a Girl” vanished in July after James Carl Haggerty left a Manhattan hotel with it. He’d gone there to show it to a potential buyer on the owners’ behalf.

One of the painting’s owners, Kristyn Trudgeon, sued him Monday in a Manhattan court.

The lawsuit says Haggerty told Trudgeon’s co-owner he couldn’t remember what happened to the circa 1857 painting by the noted pre-Impressionist artist because he’d had too much to drink.

Haggerty didn’t immediately return phone messages left for him on Tuesday.

From Associated Press

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