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Chrysler Employees Caught Drinking and Getting High on Lunch Break (VIDEO)

DETROIT – It been several months since President Obama visited, but a Chrysler plant in Detroit is again making headlines — this time for what employees did every day on their lunch break.

Fifteen workers at the plant in Detroit were caught on hidden video, day after day for 10 days, drinking and smoking marijuana during their half-hour lunch breaks.

It’s not unusual to see a few people throwing back some cold ones at the park, but you’re not going to believe the brazen boozing going on in this video.

The workers build Jeeps at the Chrysler plant, and this is happening on their lunch breaks.

The FOX station in Detroit received a news tip and followed the group of workers for days. Like clockwork, they stopped off at the liquor store at 11 a.m., headed to a nearby park and slammed beers, and then smoked what looks like a joint.

Then, 30 minutes later, they head back to the plant to finish the last three hours of their shift.

After watching these guys pounding beers in the public park day after day, the reporter finally decides to confront the workers.

“Hey guys, hate to be a buzzkill but shouldn’t you guys be building cars? Don’t you guys work out at the Chrysler factory?” The men split.

After seeing the video, a Chrysler spokesperson said, “Each of them has been suspended indefinitely, without pay, pending further investigation. We’ll continue to pursue this in fact, until we’re done.”

About 2,800 employees work at the plant, and it looks like only 15 were involved in the extra-curricular activities.

Chrysler says the quality and safety of the vehicles was in no way affected by what the workers were doing on their break.

From Fox News

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Joaquin Phoenix could be the most narcissistic, sniveling, drugged-up mess of a man ever to appear on a screen. Or he could be the greatest actor of all time.

After watching “I’m Still Here,” the just-released documentary that chronicles his 2008 departure from Hollywood and attempt to launch a rap career, the former seems more believable. But it’s hard not to watch.


The film, directed by his brother-in-law, actor Casey Affleck, follows Phoenix through blow-up after blow-up, joint after joint, beer after beer. He screams, he smokes, he snorts. Over the course of a months-long quest for legitimacy that takes him all over the country and eventually to Panama.

 Phoenix insists that he’s better than everyone else, that he deserves A-list treatment, that he’s too cool for Hollywood, that he’s got what it takes to make it as an emcee, and that no, this whole quitting-acting-taking-up-rapping thing is not a hoax.

From ABC

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