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Scared of Heights? Don’t Watch This.


Drunk US Pilot Pulled Off Plane

AMSTERDAM – Dutch police say they have arrested and fined an intoxicated American pilot who was preparing to take off with a passenger jet.

The National Police Corps has not identified the pilot or his airline, but says he is a 52-year-old captain from Woodbury, New Jersey. He does not fly for a Dutch airline, according to a police statement published Tuesday.

Police say they arrested the man in the cockpit of his plane after an anonymous tip. A breath test found he had a blood alcohol content of 0.023 percent — a hair above the legal limit in the Netherlands.

The pilot was fined 700 Euro ($900) and released, the statement said. The flight was cancelled.

From Associated Press

California Church: Tattoos, Offerings in KFC Buckets, and Service in Nightclub

ANAHEIM, Calif. – Church logo tattoos are the latest in offbeat testimony at an Orange County church that holds Sunday services in a punk rock nightclub and collects offerings in KFC buckets. City Church of Anaheim is celebrating its first year in operation and the goal of reaching a 200-member flock with a radical commitment to the congregation and community: Tattoos of the red-heart church logo.

Pastor Kyle Steven Bonenberger told worshippers that God “tattooed your name on his heart” and it was time for an everlasting commitment to Him and the church.

The Orange County Register reported about a dozen people got inked, fulfilling the pledge they made if the church doubled its normal attendance.

City Church started in a living room and moved to Anaheim’s Chain Reaction Club as the congregation grew.

From Associated Press

Street Musician Hits Man With His Guitar

MADISON, Wis. – Wisconsin police say a street musician apparently upset by criticism of his music bashed a man over the head with his guitar, slammed another person into a wall and wrestled with an officer before being arrested.

Madison police spokesman Joel DeSpain tells The Capital Times that 31-year-old Brandin Hochstrasser, known as “Bongo Jesus,” was performing Thursday when a 54-year-old man knocked his music. DeSpain says the two argued and police were called when Hochstrasser began hitting his critic with his guitar.

DeSpain says Hochstrasser then charged the man, knocking him down. An officer used a stun gun to subdue and arrest Hochstrasser.

Online court records show no formal charges had been filed by Sunday.

A listed phone number for Hochstrasser couldn’t be found.

From Associated Press

Is Joaquin Phoenix Movie Real or Fake?

Joaquin Phoenix could be the most narcissistic, sniveling, drugged-up mess of a man ever to appear on a screen. Or he could be the greatest actor of all time.

After watching “I’m Still Here,” the just-released documentary that chronicles his 2008 departure from Hollywood and attempt to launch a rap career, the former seems more believable. But it’s hard not to watch.


The film, directed by his brother-in-law, actor Casey Affleck, follows Phoenix through blow-up after blow-up, joint after joint, beer after beer. He screams, he smokes, he snorts. Over the course of a months-long quest for legitimacy that takes him all over the country and eventually to Panama.

 Phoenix insists that he’s better than everyone else, that he deserves A-list treatment, that he’s too cool for Hollywood, that he’s got what it takes to make it as an emcee, and that no, this whole quitting-acting-taking-up-rapping thing is not a hoax.

From ABC

Giant Hay Bale Kills Electric Light Orchestra Band Member

ELO Mike Edwards van crushed by bale of hay

LONDON (Reuters) – A giant bale of hay has killed a founding member of the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) band after it tumbled down a hill and crashed into his van.

Cellist Mike Edwards, 62, died after the 600 kg (1,323 lb) bale rolled down a steep field in Devon, southern England, smashed through a hedge and careered on to the road.

He died instantly in the freak accident on Friday afternoon.

Police said they used photographs and YouTube footage to identify Edwards and are investigating whether the bale may have fallen from a tractor working on farmland near the road.

Edwards, who played with the band between 1972 and 1975, is believed to have swerved into another vehicle as the bale crushed his cab.

From Reuters

Man Pleads Guilty to Animal Cruelty After Attacking Pelican That Stole His Fish

A Perris man who stomped on a pelican trying to nab his fish at Newport Pier was sentenced to community service and probation, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Daniel Richard Moreno, 20, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor animal cruelty Tuesday at the Central Justice Center in Santa Ana. He was sentenced to 20 days in jail but was given the option of serving his time with Caltrans.

Moreno was given credit for time served after his arrest for the incident in March. He has 12 days left to serve and can either do it behind bars or with Caltrans, which could require him picking up trash on the side of the freeway in an orange vest, officials said.

On March 14, Moreno was fishing off the Newport Pier when a pelican swooped down from a nearby building and tried to grab one of his catch.

Moreno stomped on the pelican’s beak, giving the protected species a 33- to 36-centimeter hairline fracture and drawing blood. Animal experts said the injury could have been life threatening because pelicans dive beak-first into the water from upward of 60 feet in the air.

Moreno left the area after attacking the bird but witnesses pointed him out to police who arrested him.

He is scheduled to appear before a judge in March to verify that he completed his sentence. He was also given three years of informal probation.

From Daily Pilot